Home Energy Saving Devices

Gain control of your home power costs with Home Energy Saving Devices, these home energy efficiency products which will help you identify the high cost items and you will be able to compare your average yearly power usage with the new energy saving appliances on the market today.

If you recognise that savings can be made and cover the cost of the purchase - you know what you next step will be. You may also discover that the machine that has been running for many years and has never let you down... works within the energy saving running cost parameters for that appliance.

If you can see that it is really costing you to have your television, DVD player and other favourites on standby all the time - or if the difference is so small that it is worth it to you to keep them plugged in.

Use Home Energy Saving Devices to find out where all the money is going, what machines are driving your utility bills up and what are the best steps for you and your budget in creating a more energy efficient home.

picture of different watt meters

Watt Usage Meter

The great thing about taking this first essential step is that you can't do it without using a great gadget and we love gadgets don't we...

like these home energy saving devices that give you the actual watt consumption of individual appliances, this is really one of the best home energy saving tips, it's so easy to use!.

Now, usually when you have to face the harsh realities of life or studying your own home energy usage, it doesn't include getting your hands on a handy tool that does all the hard work for you... but with this project we are lucky.

Just plug your Watt Meter Monitor into the wall then plug your appliance into the Watt Meter Monitor and just read the LCD display to find out how much that appliance costs you per day or per week, month or year at consumption by the kWh (Killowatt-hour) - and most models tell you much more than that and also have back up batteries in case of a power cut!

This useful gadget is only just becoming more widely available worldwide in different versions, adapted for the different plug and electrical currents used on either side of the Atlantic.

Power Monitor

Another way to get back in control of how much power you use and where you spend your budget in your home is to use a whole house power monitor which gets information from the mains box and gives it to you in real time in a nice display.

This is a bigger machine than the watt meter - and it is also a very serious energy saving device.

This type of monitor gives you a fairly accurate understanding of the power you are using and by turning different appliances off you can compare usage before and after to determine individual costs.

This home energy savings gadget tells you the amount of energy you have used and how much it costs - get help finding out the total amount of dollars and cents that you are spending on electricity for your home, especially if you program in your local utility rates.

Making Home Energy Savings

Of course the easiest way to work may be to have one of each of these Home Energy Saving Devices so that you can have the overall picture with the whole house monitor and also compare costs of individual appliances with the plug in Watt Meter.

It won't take too long before you are in control and know exactly how much each electrical appliance is costing you in terms of power usage, how much your electricity costs you per hour and when was your busiest time of the day when you used most power.

Take these important first steps and make good use of these Home Energy Saving Devices to make a real energy saving home.

Keeping it green!

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