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Home Energy Resources puts you in touch with energy saving information web sites that may help you save money by reducing your utility bills and may help you to save the planet by using less energy.

The contacts listed are from both sides of the Atlantic - it is clear that energy savings are important to households irrelevant of the country or language.

More and more information is being made available as governments do what they can to help make people more aware of how and where savings can be made, and how we can make our homes more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in.

Energy Star certified products are a breakthrough in home energy resources when we are looking for appliances that will cost less to run - if they cost less, your plug in the wall orders less energy from your utility company who in turn burn less fossil fuels as demand lessens

Home energy resources will become more and more important in our lives as this new industry develops and moves forward with betters ways that we can harness more and more natural energy to bridge the gap between what we can currently capture and our actual energy needs.

While these important energy efficiency and energy saving resources will take you on a journey of learning more about creating an eco friendly world, please don't forget where the journey started - bookmark this site now so that you can find your way back and keep updated with our home energy saving tips

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Essential Home Energy Resources

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As you will have discovered after visiting any of the above sites, this list was not created to exhange links with other sites - these are all quality and essential resources as web sites that contain an adundance of information, facts and tips to help you build a better home environment and save energy.

We hope that our Home Energy Resources help you create a more energy efficient home that cost less and keeps you warmer.

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