Energy Star Label

The Energy Star Label helps us buy energy efficient appliances that can save us money in lower running costs because of lower fuel consumption.

This now famous logo is known throughout the world as representing home appliances that use less energy and/or less water and really cut down on wasted power, water and time.

Energy Star was started by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 and encouraged by the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, was in direct communication with product manufacturers with the aim that new products be more energy efficient.

At that time it was all voluntary with a label that helped identify products that were more energy efficient and would therefore help reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gas. The original design of the logo showed part of the world and the words energy and the star over it, this design was changed in 2003 in favor of the easier to recognize cyan logo.

energy star label graphic types

The EPA through this energy efficient label was concerned about the explosion of new home computer installations and all the other home office equipment that go with them, suddenly pushing up the normal household energy bill.

They wanted to encourage manufacturers to make their products in a more energy efficient way - and that their products would be low energy consumers without losing actual running quality of the product

- that is why the known big home energy guzzlers at that time, the computers and the old heavy monitors were the first items to carry the logo (it was only later that we became more aware of the real cost of running other big home energy consumers).

It was a big step towards a more energy efficient and less harmful world when in 1996 the EPA joined with the US Department of Energy and as a result residential appliances were added to the list

- the list quickly grew in size and importance and the Energy Star Label soon became more easily recognisable to everyone as it was seen on major household appliances and can now be found on over 50 product categories, that's thousands of appliance brands and models.

Mosiac of different energy star label graphics

Manufacturers and Suppliers love the cyan blue Energy Star Label

Another very important move was not just to encourage manufacturers build green but to actually help them with effective energy efficiency research that would help them with product development solutions towards a smaller carbon footprint per product - and as such also billions of dollars in cost savings.

Research often resulted in lowering the cost of product production which meant a lower sales cost and subsequently more customers.

Lowering the energy running costs in the home environment also meant that more consumers could afford to actually use the products.

The Energy Star Label has become one of the most important indications of energy efficient quality because items are constantly being assessed for energy use and working quality. Another very important indication is the Energy Guide Label information and this label is invaluable when you what to compare "like products" and know how much energy they are estimated to use and how much they are estimated to cost per year to run - that's one very important label!

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy for establishing very strict energy efficient rules that all companies supplying home electronics and home appliances that want to carry the Energy Star label must adhere to.

The Energy Star Label is now respected by both manufacturers, suppliers and consumers alike as being the best indication of appliance efficiency and value - how did we manage without it!.

Best energy efficiency wishes to you

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