Energy Saving Tips Checklist

Different Eco Home Energy Saving Tips are going to mean more or less savings to different households around the world. 

     - this largely will depend on where you live, how many members are in your household and the size, type and style of your home so your own experience and what has worked for you could be a great home energy efficiency tip for someone else thousands of miles away.

Wouldn't it be great to have the longest Energy Saving Tips Checklist in the world, building one tip at a time.

And by adopting different tips into your lifestyle not only could you be reducing your own carbon footprint but you could multiply the good that you have accomplished by adding your best energy saving tips to this checklist and help others reduce their carbon footprint too.

You can help me to help others and get as much information out there as possible that could contribute towards more households becoming more 'energy light' instead of energy heavy...

This list will grow one tip at a time... go ahead and help spread the green and Add Your Tip

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have you got any practical home energy saving advice?

is your home healthier now because of the changes you have made?

Are you surprised to find that your energy efficient improvements have improved the value of your home...

Write in with your home energy saving tips and if you are the first one in with a particular tip I will attribute it to you with your name and the date you contributed - it will be there for prosperity for all your friends and family to see.

If you try a tip and it doesn't work for you - it would be really useful to know what you did and what went wrong and if you have any alternative suggestions - as you can imagine, living conditions of 25ºC hot and sunshine and -25ºC below freezing and so very cold, require totally different ways of living and different solutions to creating a healthy home environment...

- this means that there are just so many valuable tips out there...

Ready to change your world one energy saving tip at a time...

Energy Saving Tips Checklist

  • CFL Light Bulbs - Change all old style incandescent light bulbs for compact flourescent lamps CFL's - here is our article to explain more about the benefits of using Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

  • Dripping Faucets - Stop dripping and leaking faucets and taps - it actually hurts when I hear water dripping and know that water is being lost, unused, with every drip and dribble every second. Tighten them, call the plumber, what ever you need to do to make sure water isn't wasted at your home.

  • Low Flow Showerheads - If the force is really with you when you have a shower try installing a low flow showerhead instead and see if you can get clean with half the amount of water - imagine if everyone went low flow - wow we could all save so much water as well as the energy to heat it up!

  • Organic Food - Support your local Farmers who grow Organic foods - look out for their more naturally grown foods and say no to chemical pesticide produced and hormone encouraged foods - look after you and help look after your local community - it's a win win tip...

  • Turn Down the Termostat... just a little bit...I know it is easy to say... 'turn it down and put on another jumper' - but it is perhaps surprising how quickly you can get used to a slightly lower temperature and that then to turn it back up would be too hot and stiffling for you.

  • Recycled Paper - what did I read the other day... ummmmm, oh yes, that 1 ton of recycled paper saves way more than a dozen trees! now that really brought home to me the importance of searching for and using only recycled paper at home and at the office.

  • Say no to Catalogues - do you really need catalogues cluttering up your home before they start to pile up you throw them all out!, are they just there to skim through over a cup of coffee?. With so many online catalogues available nowadays its getting a whole lot easier to save trees isn't it.

  • Turn off the tap - In between soaping in the shower and when brushing your teeth, it may not seem like a long time to you but it can be a lot of water - wasted water running down the sink when you don't need it. Take the pressure off you and the water in your tap by turning it off whenever you are not actually using the water.

  • Green Clean your Home - Cleaning chemicals are expensive, instead think back to yesteryears and what our grandparents and their parents must have used to clean their homes. Modern cleaning is not necessary better and many are actually harmful to us, our children and our pets. So what are the energy saving tips options! - we will go into it in more details later but briefly its all down to baking soda, lemon juice, soda, kosher salt, borax and of course the old favourite... vinegar.

  • Line dry your cloths - Back to the good old days... Line dry your cloths for a fresh air dry and make big yearly savings on your power bill... could that be a viable option for you, do you have outside space for a cloths line! and this could work out to be one of the big money and energy saving tips

  • Put a jug or pitcher of water in your fridge - give your big energy guzzler a hand by putting a pitcher of water in your fridge - it helps your fridge to work more efficiently at keeping your food cool and also provides you with nice cool water when you want it.

  • Wash cloths in cold water - have you seen all the advertisements lately about new washing liquids that can wash your cloths with cold water - imaging saving on heating water with every wash you do - and of course its got to be good for your cloths as well hasnt it. What do you think, does this really work?

  • Rain Barrel - I love the idea of a rain barrel to collect rain as it comes down along your gutters, down the pipes and catches it before it is wasted down the drain - you don't feel so bad watering plants with water collected in your rain barrel now do you - one of the sweetest of our water saving, energy saving tips.

  • Turn down your water heater - do you really need your hot water to be steaming hot, so hot that you have to mix in a little cold water just to be able to touch it! - try turning down your water heater and see if you really notice the difference.

  • Unplug Chargers - I am guilty of this one - I had the habit of leaving my charger plugged in and simply attached my telephone to recharge the battery whenever it was needed - never realising that the charger was guzzling energy all on it own! - one of the most surprising of energy saving tips.

  • Update your Cistern - Old toilet cisterns used up to 5 gallons of water per flush and modern versions use less than one gallon - now that is a big difference!

  • Get an Energy Audit - of all the energy saving tips this really is one of the best places to start - get an energy audit done on your home so that you can find out where the money is going and what changes will make the most difference at your home.

  • Seal Air Leaks - use an incense stick and follow the smoke to find cracks and small openings throughout your home that need to be filled with weather stripping or caulking.

  • Use Low VOC Paint - paint your bedroom with low VOC or free of VOC paint and you may well find that you have more energy in the morning since you will not be breathing in lead paint while you are sleeping.

  • Use Multiplugs - you know, the one with the one and off switch, where you can plug in anything from 4 to 8 electrical plugs and use the multiplug switch to conveniently turn everything off at the same time.

  • Use a Surge Protector - protect your electricals from burning up with too much energy with by making sure that your Multiplug is also a surge protector.

Are you ready to add to this list with your own energy saving ideas... here is your chance... Energy Saving Tips - Add Your Tip

It will be great to hear from you...

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