Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs to start down the road towards more real home energy saving projects, use energy efficient lighting to light up your ECO friendly home.

Have you seen the light and are ready to take out all of your old and expensive light bulbs to replace them with energy efficient light bulbs?

Changing light bulbs has so many advantages, I have to admit that it is something that was done in my household many years ago before it became so popular and it was not done at that time to help reduce greenhouse gases or reduce my own electrical costs.

- I removed all the old style light bulbs to reduce the amount of times that light bulbs had to be continuously replaced as the new energy saving light bulbs known as compact fluorescent lamps last from around 6 to 10 years longer when in normal use - compared to the older incandescent lamps that have been in use in one form or another and served us well for over a 100 years but...

NOW it is time to change all Incandescent Lamps for
Compact Fluorescent Lamps

picture comparing old and new light bulbs

I called the incandescent lamps old style light bulbs but they will soon be old fashioned to such an extent that youngesters growing up now hopefully won't even use one - they will use the compact fluorescent lamps as the natural choice.

Hope for this idea grows as the leaders of more and more countries around the world are prepared to encourage the use of CFLs over Incandescent lamps until they are finally withdrawn from the market.

I have another reason for changing over to the CFLs energy efficient light bulbs and that is because of the user friendly design - have you ever tried to unscrew a stubborn incandescent lamp by holding onto and gripping the glass and trying to get it to turn...

With the CFL there is a nice bit of chunky plastic to hold onto and I no longer feel the treat of broken glass!.

When they first came out they were notably dimmer than the brighter but hotter incandescent lamps, but fortunately the technology has improved so much over the most recent years and now we can all enjoy bright soft white lighting by using CFL energy efficient day light bulbs.

Of course like you I love the idea of paying upto $30.00 dollars less per lamp that I use - over it's long lifetime in comparison with the more expensive older lamps.

Sure the CFLs cost more to buy but if they last 6 years or 10 years - there are definite saving over time.

The other great advantage is knowing that you are doing something to help the environment because use of a long lamp life CFL instead of the traditional incandescent lamp bulbs means that less greenhouse gases are created by the lights in your home.

I know that you may not believe that it can make that much difference but actually - if everyone in the world used CFLs...

examples of energy efficient light bulbs

Alright lets have some examples that are easier to imagine...

- if CFL energy efficient light bulbs lasts 6 times longer than a normal incandescent lamp then 1 lamp replaces the normal purchase of 6 incandescent lamps - so that would make the CFL at a higher purchase cost - actually cheaper - but it doesn't end there...

What about once the 6 incandescent lamps have been used and are thrown away, eventually that's 6 old lamps for the landfill instead of 1 CFL lamp.

This is a wonderful example of eco friendly living - being careful what we buy, being careful how we use it and taking care to dispose of it after use.

Also before I go I just want to update with an important sign on how this vital part of green living is continuously developing:

- way back when I first replaced my old light bulbs with CFLs I remember that the salesperson went out of his way to make sure that I understood that the new energy saving lamps were no good with dimmer switches... The good news is that dimmer friendly CFL energy efficient light bulbs are now coming onto the market.

I don't have dimmer switches but they can be good to 'turn down' the electricity when you don't need your lights so bright, every saving helps!

So, we are back to the first question, have you seen the light... are you ready to help reduce greenhouse gases and change all the light bulbs in your house to CFL Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and start your 'green' journey with your very first bulb efficient energy light.

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