Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances, is it really worth replacing our old reliable refrigerator or washer for new energy saving devices?.

What are these new machines really saving, using less of or helping us protect, lets take a closer look and find some answers.

It takes quite a lot of motivation and understanding to get most people to go out on a sunny Saturday morning to buy a new washing machine when 'Old Reliable' is still working, washing our clothes day in and day out without fail but is it costing you more because it is not an energy efficient appliance.

The list goes on of older machines that have higher running costs, with our refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, water cooler, room AC, our dehumidifier, air cleaners and even our battery chargers.  

I don't think that anyone expects us to quickly change and update all of these old appliances with energy efficient appliances overnight, but it is certainly worth us taking a look around our home calculating costs.

It would take a lot of hard earned cash and lets face it we didn't buy all the old conventional items on the same day did we - those costs were usually spread out over months and even years, but perhaps the important thing is to start - but that still leaves us with the question of why we should even begin to make that investment.

Reasons for Energy Efficient Appliances

Before any of us go out and do what seems like a crazy expensive thing - that every where we look we are being urged to do - we need to know why.

How are we saving, how are we using less and what are we protecting.

There are a number of reasons and your own motivation for reading this article and for going out to buy your own energy efficient appliances may include one or all of them.

  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Save Water
  • Help Save the World

Big words for such a short list but perhaps what we have to try to accept is that our Old Reliable conventional appliances are using far more energy and far more water and run on longer cycles than the modern more energy efficient appliances will.

One way to better understand how much energy we have been using compared with how much energy we could be using or saving instead would be to do a quick energy comparison with similar homes across from the country.

In this way we get to see how we fair and get some general recommendations on what we can do to make some energy saving home improvements to lower our bills.

It only takes a few minutes to compare utility costs with those of similar homes and get an insight on how we can possibly make savings.

Here is a great program that works really well, all we have to do is get our hands on all of our bills for the last 12 months - then put our numbers in - to get our recommendations.

This link takes you to Web site, directly to the page where you can use the Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick

It is only once you have seen the numbers and have a clearer picture of your energy usage information that you can start to track and reduce your energy use.

When it's time to change Old Rusty

Once you know how much energy you are using and how much money you could actually save it puts you back in control and it starts to make more sense to begin to fill your home with the right qualified energy efficient appliances - especially if you send your old machines off to be recycled.

Picture showing changing your conventional machine for an energy efficient appliance

It can be a bit of wrench but if your machine is too heavy on the bills it is time to unplug it and get move it out of your kitchen or utility room and send it on its way to conventional appliances retirement.

It is is well worth the effort to get your older appliances to the right place because it is really amazing for example how steel and polpropylene and copper and alumiunium can be extracted from old washing machines and returned to manufacturers as raw materials to be used again.

When choosing your new appliance make sure it carries the all important cyan blue Energy Star Label

Also, when choosing the new brand or model of appliance make sure that you read each Energy Guide Label pertaining to each appliance very carefully to help you find the perfect energy efficient appliance for your home - read the Energy Guide Label article to find out how they can help you.

The other important factor to keep in mind as you start your new search for the right Energy Efficient Appliances for the size of your home, your household needs and your budget, is to look out for any special offers and rebates in your area that may be offered by any of the Energy Star partners that supply qualified energy efficient appliances.

Make savings with green living

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