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You are here because you have been reading our growing Energy Saving Tips Checklist and you have a related home energy saving tip of your own that we can add to the list.

Here is your chance to help someone convert their home into a more eco friendly energy saving environment.

This means that if your energy saving idea worked for you and you managed to reduce your carbon footprint - just think how much more can be attributed to you if you spread the word and share your idea with others who are also then able to make changes that will save energy.

This is big... if you can reduce your energy consumption locally, and then add your tip here, perhaps you could really help reduce energy consumption worldwide...

Please fill in the form below, it will only take a second.

  • If you want to be credited for your tip then please say yes where asked on the form, and I will write your name and state or country after your tip... for example John Smith from Ohio or Pepe Lopez from Spain - if not I will have to leave the tip as contributed by Anon and that would be a shame.

  • It would be great if you could give a heading for your tip like :- "Low Flow Showerheads" and then add a brief description of how the energy saving tip works.

  • Please remember that what you write should be in your own words.

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