Home Energy Saving Tips

Once the easiest of all Home Energy Saving Tips had been realised by changing all the light bulbs in my home to the compact fluorescent energy saving variety, I immediately felt much more at one with the whole concept of an ECO friendly world, I was after all already doing my part...

Then as I started to read, I began to realise just how much more I could do, should do, would have to do - to improve my home and my lifestyle before I could claim to be at one with helping protect and save my world by making a more energy efficient home.

I started to discover all the many alternative ways to green building and the new products that could help me and the wonderful gadgets that I could have fun with. Also all the handy home energy saving tips that are useful for older, more traditional homes as well as to adopt in modern apartments.

Here comes the sun...
have your energy collectors at the ready!

The first of many Home Energy Saving Tips that I have for you is to keep on returning and reading as we research and review what is available to us today and tomorrow that will help us make our world within our four walls more green, more economical, and also fresher and healthier for us to live in.

Home Energy Saving Tips - Incentives

There are two important types of incentives:-

  • There's nothing like it... the incentive of actually learning month by month how much money you are saving. We will give tips on how to easily find out how well you are doing.
  • The second, often vital incentive, is all about grants, rebates and tax credits that may be available to you.

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Becoming more ECO Home aware...

What interests me is probably the same as what interests you - how to do the right thing and make big money savings throughout the year.

This includes many aspects of the use of energy in your home for heating to cooling, water, insulation, air, the available light and also right down to the materials that have been used.

These lead me to consider the energy source that makes the energy work, looking at solar, wind, water and thermal energy sources and even rain water and seeing where they fit into our world of electricity and gas.

There is a lot to cover in creating an energy efficient home and for each green subject we will be including our tips and also 'your home energy saving tips', as you send them in to us from around the world.

Previously I didn't give a lot of thought to where materials actually came from, I just bought them from a supplier down the road and that was that, I didn't think to ask them if they sourced them locally or if it came from the other side of the world and already carry a significant energy cost transporting it to me the customer.

While financial recession clouds loom overhead Green Building techniques have a bright future.

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Asking Green Questions

I started thinking about home energy saving tips like...

  • "Is that FSC Certified timber?"
  • "What non-toxic preservatives do you have in stock?"
  • "Are those concrete slabs made of recycled aggregates?"
  • "What locally sourced materials do you have available?"

and I find myself walking around my home and the houses of my friends as if I hadn't really seen them before...

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Recognising Green Building Practices

  • I now find myself looking at sizes of windows and wondering how many if any are south facing and how much natural warm light enters the home at different times of the day.
  • I am finally understanding the adverse effects small double and triple glazed windows can have on the home.
  • I am much more interested in the different insulation options that people have used and why.
  • And I can't help wondering how old utility machines are and how energy efficient they are, if they ever were... and how much could easily be saved on monthy bills with updated ECO friendly and efficient versions.

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Solar Panel Spotting

When you are walking down a street have a look up now and again to see how many homes have solar panels in your area and which look like the older versions and see if you can spot the newer variety - I wonder how many homeowners that are plugged into solar have golden home energy saving tips to share with us.

I too used to think that all solar panels were the same... until I started hearing about borosilicate tubes, silicon colar cells and high efficiency wafers and I realised that there were many solar panel options and sizes and uses, and that companies are right now striving to develop more efficient and more economical solar products.

When you see solar panels on someones roof it's not of course immediately obvious if they are there simply to recharge batteries or just to heat up the families water supply, or run a whole house electrical system until the sun goes down and they have to switch back over to the grid...

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Wind Turbine Spotting

I have to be honest - I have seen plenty of big huge industrial wind turbines but have yet to find a domestic one in a garden near where I live... are you ahead of the game, do you already have a wind turbine working for you at your home? If so welcome to the "World Wind Turbine Owners Club".

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Traditional Materials & Building Techniques

Do you wonder how far back we would have to go in the home building industry to actually reach a time when the materials we built with and the building techniques we used caused the least harm to our environment?

Do you worry about global warming, have you noticed changes to the temperature and environment in general your area? - Is it smarter to worry than not to!.

In different parts of the world the older areas of towns and cities are all built of the same stone, stone that had been quarried locally. It would be hard to find within these homes any building material that had been sourced from the other side of the globe - there are after all no big carbon footprints for air or sea transportation on older builds that used traditional local materials.

Because of the stringent building codes which are different wherever you go, it is difficult to insist on traditional techniques and uses of materials. However I am interested in giving them to you as options so that you can try to find possibilities to integrate older, established and in many cases long forgotten methods, into current green building practices, in the construction of additions, extensions and also for renovations to your home.

One of the most important home energy saving tips is that local materials have a lighter embodied energy than those shipped in because with local materials we avoid the extra energy cost and CO2 emissions that would have been created.

The use of local materials also helps to support the local supplier who can then make a livelihood and continue to supply other green building homeowners in your area with local materials - in this way your support of this ECO friendly method keeps on paying back to help the environment.

Home Energy Saving Tips - Payback Time

Naturally all this talk of paying back brought me straight to the question of "Payback Time" - the great incentive - and the big question:- How long does it take before a homeowner starts to reap the benefits after the installation of an energy efficient investment?

Going green in your home is of course an immediate result but we are all also interested in how many years it would take to start making real savings after the initial cost of materials and installation, The search for payback results for home-energy-saving-tips.com found the results so far to be surprising and I think that you will be too.

Payback Time helps seperate the most cost effective home energy saving tips from those lovely energy efficient gadgets that work because of the sun and put a smile on our faces... Doing cost calculations based on Payback Time can help you decide on the best ECO investment for your home.

Home Energy Saving Tips
- Home Energy Saving Tips Web Site

As you can see, thinking has gone way past the light bulb! The more that is discovered about different green products and services the more interesting, and bigger, this whole subject is, and how important it is too! After all, it is about our homes, how we live, and the quality of our lives.

Home Energy Savings are also about helping to protect the biggest investment we are likely to make - our home - and to really make it work for us more efficiently.

If you are interested in making your home more Energy Efficient, if you want to make headway in reducing your carbon footprint - and what about those other terms! - being more carbon friendly, or carbon neutral; if you want to find out how you can be counted amongst the ever growing masses that want to do their bit; then please keep reading our growing list of articles...

    Tell your friends about home-energy-saving-tips.com and write in with Your Home Energy Tips - write your green building story, its a great way to help others to lower living costs and to improve their homes as well as to help our planet.

Keeping it Green...


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